Mr. Martinez put all my fears to rest

“I found Mr. Martinez through his Web site while searching for a home on line. Searching for a home out of state was very
daunting for me. Mr. Martinez but all my fears to rest. Directing me areas to avoid and areas that were more suitable for
what I waned. He sent me any info I needed to take the worry out of selecting the perfect location. I was impressed with
Mr Martinez upon meeting him in person also. He was professional, courteous, and not over agressive in his approach in
helping me find the right house for me. He an intuitive sense of what I wanted. He had prepared a portfolio of the homes
we were going to review each day, which I found to be very helpful. He was right on top of the whole process through the
negotiations to getting all of the inspections taken care. Mr. Marinez took all of the worry out of the whole process for me
from the beginning to the day I moved in. You would be in good hand with Mr. Martinez on your team.”

— Joyce Pluto | Santa Fe | 2015